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 From our team

Starting off at Space Age, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much the management took interest in the staff.  I quickly learned that Space Age was the place where they do not just encourage creativity but embrace it. I believed that a vibrant atmosphere like this was limited to movies and companies like Google. Now I can add Space Age to that list.

Adriaan Fourie

Join a company that believes in doing remarkable things

We are pioneering solutions and setting the pace of change in the global SME IT market. For you, it means big challenges, broad exposure and ongoing learning.

We are creating a workplace where the employees are the architects of our solutions, where rank does not win debates, and where people’s opinions matter.

Join a company that is serious about making a difference to the SME industry; a company that is setting the direction for others to follow.


What We Look For In Satlers


Being unassuming and lacking arrogance yet filled with confidence.


Much more valuable than experience; potential indicates future capacity.


Accept that change is constant and tomorrow’s reality requires flexibility in today’s approach.


Contribute creatively to shape the future.

We don’t believe in boxes. Innovation is rewarded. Creativity is expected.


Some perks:

  • Expect an amazing landing: we take great care in making you part of the team and ensure your integration is optimized by assigning a buddy to you from your first day
  • All employees and their families save hugely on hardware
  • We work hard and reward that by give each staff member up to 10 additional paid leave days per year
  • Female employees receive paid maternity leave to take care of their little ones and daddies receive paternity time to bond with baby
  • All employees get 10 study leave days and heaps of financial support to learn and develop
  • We appreciate and reward our staff – employees are thoroughly spoiled for tenure
  • Flexibility: in your working hours; in your salary structure in your job purpose, just about everything
  • Free carbo-loading: Pancake buffet on Friday; lunch in the canteen on Wednesdays and don’t forget beer-hour




This is not El Dorado …

We are aware of our faults and do not claim to be perfect. We acknowledge and accept diversity and not everyone will find our exciting SATler environment satisfying.

Here are some nigglies you need to be aware of:

  • Our culture does not support the hypothetical ‘box’, while this is great for entrepreneurial type personalities, it can leave others feeling unsupported.
  • At Space Age, the goalpost will keep moving. Because of this, things might appear unorganized.
  • We do not offer cozy jobs.  People seeking comfort will dislike the way we work.
  • We make mistakes, sometimes big ones, and we’ll continue to do so because we will never accept the status quo.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.